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Exclusive or Multiple Listing?

Q - I am selling my home and would like to know if an 'Exclusive' listing would be better than the usual kind of listing?

A - The usual kind of listing means that your home is on the multiple listing service.  The information about your home is accessible to all real estate agents.  If another real estate agent has a buyer that is looking for your kind of home, the information on your home is available to him and they have an opportunity to show your home by setting up an appointment with the listing agent.

An 'exclusive' listing means that it is NOT on the multiple listing service.  No other agent has information about your home.  You are then solely dependent on your agent for all advertising and for finding a buyer.  Often, an agent will charge you less.  However, you will also get much less exposure.  You are virtually dependent on one agent to sell your home.

An 'exclusive' listing may be useful in special circumstances where access by one trusted agent is best and when time is not an issue.

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