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Appliances Switched

Q- A friend purchased a home and the appliances were included but, when they took over the home, the appliances were switched for older ones.  How can I avoid this kind of a situation when I buy a home?

A - There are several options available that can prevent this.

When you are house shopping and have finally selected your home, you usually go and take a second look.  At that point, make a note of the name and model of the appliances if they are included in the sale price of the home and/or if you are planning to have them written into the offer.  You can actually write the make and model of the appliances right into the contract of purchase and sale.

It is always recommended that you have a home inspection. Some home inspectors note the serial numbers of the appliances. Check with your home inspector to see if that is his practice.

You can also make note of the make and model of the appliances when you do your walk through with the home inspector.  At that point, take photos of the appliances for a complete record.

The first option will certainly alert the sellers that you expect to have those specific appliances included.  The other two options provide you with the proof you might need should there be a switch.

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