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Lock Box

Q - My house is on the market and the real estate agent wants to put a lock box on the door.  I don't want one because I don't want people coming through my home at all times.  I want appointments to be set up after work hours.  Is that unreasonable? My agent thinks it is.

A - Your real estate agent wants to sell your home for you and is marketing your property.   Accessibility to your home is vital.  To restrict viewings to 'after work hours' is not reasonable and you would be losing selling opportunities.

Today's lock boxes are high tech - highly sturdy and much safer than anything in previous decades.  They can be programmed so that entry can only take place between certain hours.  You wouldn't have to worry about midnight showings!  Many lock boxes have to be updated by the real estate agent on a daily basis.  A code is utilized to gain access and this code is updated daily. So even if someone managed to find the code, it would expire by day's end.

The electronic boxes also keep a record of which real estate agent entered, on which day and at what time.

The custom, in most areas, is for the agent to call the seller to make an appointment for a showing.  So you would know when a showing is to take place.  With a lock box, your home can be shown while you are at work and this would open up many more selling opportunities.

Ask your agent to explain the features of the lock box that he/she uses. If it has many of the features described here -- go for the lock box!

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