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The Real Estate Process

Q - I haven't bought or sold a home for 25 years but this fall I will be selling my home and downsizing to a condo.  I would like some information about how the real estate process works these days.  Any suggestions on how I can get updated?  I live in Canada.

A - A lot has happened in the past 25 years in real estate.  The most obvious is the increased amount of paperwork!  Very briefly, the relationship between the client and the real estate agency has changed - there is mandatory disclosure - there are privacy issues - the government has paperwork regarding money laundering - home inspections are now common practice - home staging is also a new dimension to the real estate process - tax implications have also changed  such as HST/GST.  Of course, there are also numerous finance options available from the many lending institutions and through mortgage brokers.

Obviously, I can't cover it all in this amount of space.  However, I can recommend a book that will provide you with a good overview of today' real estate process in Canada.  I wrote this book for the consumer because it is difficult to find all this information in one place.  It's often a scavenger hunt to piece the information together so that you can get a good picture of the process.  My book is entitled "The Real Estate Process: Pros Discuss Buying and Selling Your Home".  Besides describing the real estate agent's role, I also enlisted a lawyer, home inspector and a home stager to cover those topics pertaining to their expertise.

I believe that my book will give you the insight that you want prior to entering the real estate process.  You can order it from amazon.ca or even from my site at http://callvibrown.tripod.com/id14.html

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