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Agent Refuses to Show Property

Q - I called the listing agent of a house that I wanted to see.  The agent wanted me to meet her at her office before showing me the house.  All I wanted was to see the house.  Can an agent refuse to show a property?

A - The agent was trying to determine if you were seriously interested in purchasing a home in the immediate future and if you were financially qualified to do so.  If you were, she then wanted to learn more about what kind of home you wanted so that she was in the best position to assist you in finding the most suitable home. This is what a real estate agent does for you. 

I don't know why you would not meet with the agent if, in fact, you were seriously interested in purchasing a home at this point in time.  Perhaps you had some other reason you wanted to see the house that wasn't related to purchasing.  Was it a friend's home you were curious to see?  Were you checking out some floor plans?  Were you interested in decorating ideas?

Real estate agents have to assess how they will spend their time so that they can make an adequate living.  Not everyone who calls on them wants to buy a home or sell a home.  Real estate agents provide a great deal of information to the consumer.  As a group, they are very helpful and considerate. 

However, more and more, real estate agents have stopped being 'door openers'.  They don't just run out and show homes to everyone who calls.  If they did, they would be wasting a great deal of time. But they will give generously of their time to anyone who is seriously interested in either buying or selling.  That's their expertise.

Yes, a real estate agent can refuse to show a property to someone who is unwilling to provide any information -- as was the case in this instance.

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