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Bypassing the Agent

Q - My house is listed for sale with a sign out front.  Someone came to the door and asked to see my home but I told them to call my agent.  Did I lose an opportunity to sell my home?

A - Absolutely not. You hired a real estate agent to sell your home.  The agent is best equipped to handle all inquiries and is in a position to screen people who have shown an interest in seeing the property. The sign on your lawn contains all the information that a potential buyer might need to contact your agent.

The problem with you, as a seller, allowing strangers through your home is that you have absolutely no information about them.  You don't know if they can afford your home or if they are prepared to purchase in the near future.  They could also have other reasons for wanting to see your home. 

You did the correct and safe thing to refer them to your agent.  Serious purchasers don't bypass the agent.  They tend to go the professional route by contacting the seller's agent or working through their own agent.

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