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How to keep some Fixtures

Q- I am selling my home but would like to keep several items that may be considered fixtures  and should, therefore, go with the house (chandelier, built-in shelving unit, and shed).  Is there some way that I can take these items with me? 

A - Yes you can -- and this is how.

Chandlelier - Prior to listing your property, remove the chandelier and replace it with a different one.

Built-in shelving unit - Again, prior to placing your home on the market, remove the shelving unit and repair the wall.  It is only considered a fixture because the shelving unit is attached to the wall. You don't need to replace the shelving.

Shed - Before you list your home, remove it from your yard, if possible.  If that is not practical, have the real estate agent, indicate in the listing contract, that the sale of the home excludes the shed.  

In all the above cases, you could have the real estate agent simply exclude such items from the listing contract. The only item you would have to replace would be the chandelier with one of equal value.  You couldn't just leave the electric wires there without a light fixture.

However, if you do not remove such items from the sight of a potential buyer, it is very possible that you could get an offer that requests some or all of these items to be included.  The question then becomes -- Are you prepared to risk the offer by insisting on keeping any or all of these items?

If these items are really important to you, remove them from the property and out of sight from any potential buyers.

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