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Best Selection of Properties for Sale

Q - I want to purchase a home.  What is the best real estate website to view residential properties for sale?  There are so many.  Help!

A - You are so right!  There are numerous websites which list residential properties for sale.  All real estate companies seem to have their own websites, such as Royal LePage, Remax, Century 21 and many many others.  Most real estate agents also have their own websites.  You have to remember that a real estate company and their real estate agents only display their own listed properties.  On the Royal Lepage     website, for instance, you only see properties which the company's real estate agents have listed.  Similarly, Remax displays their listings as does Century 21 and others.

If you only go to one company's site, you are limiting your choices.  To go to websites of numerous real estate companies is somewhat overwhelming.  Your best answer is to go to a Multiple Listing site to search for properties.  Realtor.ca will provide you with all properties listed in Canada while Realtor.com will display the US properties.

Not to short change the real estate companies, many of them actually provide a link to Realtor.ca or Realtor.com on their websites  -- i.e. the MLS (Multiple Listing System).

The above refers to properties listed by real estate agents.  There are sellers who choose to sell their properties themselves as opposed to listing with a real estate company.  To view such properties you would have to check out sites such as FSBO.ca and other such sites where sellers can post their properties. However, not all For Sale by Owners list their properties on a website.  Many simply have a For Sale Sign on their lawn.

To make the best possible purchasing decision, you should select a property among all those available not just among those listed by a particular franchise.

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