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Home Value Retention Characteristics

Q - What characteristics should a home have in  order for it to have the best resale value several years down the road?

A - Location is always an essential element.  Is the home in a neighbourhood that is growing, declining or stable?  A declining neighbourhood will impact the value of you home negatively over time.  A home that is situated on a quiet street or cul-de-sac would be best.  Avoid homes on busy streets and corners.

A three-bedroom home is better than a two bedroom.  If you are purchasing a four-bedroom home make certain that there are three bedrooms on one level.  Buyers with young families don't want their very young children sleeping on a different level.

A home with at least two baths is more saleable than one bath.  An en-suite in the master bedroom, another 4-piece as well as another 2-piece is ideal.

A garage is a plus and also provides additional storage.

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