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More Suggestions to Prepare for Sale

Q- What can I do to prepare my house for sale besides hiring a home stager?
A - Home stagers are very effective if you don't have a flare or the time for home decorating.  As one home stager put it - 'the cost of a home stager is less than the first price reduction'!
In my previous blog, I pointed to two critical areas that impact first impressions -- curb appeal and the odor of the home as perceived upon entry.  There are several more aspects to take into account to increase the appeal of your home.
You don't want potential buyers to be distracted with personal items such as photos, hobby displays, collection of knick knacks and so on.  Buyers do get distracted with such things!  Make your home as impersonal as possible and as clutter-free as possible.  
Here is a plan.  Before you place your home on the market, review your home and have a yard sale or donate items you no longer want.  Rent a locker and pack up those things that you are keeping and store them.  This way part of your moving work is already done.  Store things like photos, knick knacks, some furniture, kitchen appliances and anything else that will de-clutter your home and which you can do without for a few weeks.  Don't forget to clean up your closets.  Buyers will be checking them out.  The goal is for buyers to be able to visualize themselves in your home.  They can do this if you remove personal items and de-clutter your home.
If some of the rooms need painting, invest in paint and get the job done.  Also make sure that your home is clean including windows and window tracks.  Be sure your kitchen counters are spacious by eliminating clutter there as well.  Remove all magnetic notes from your fridge and make sure your stove is spic and span. Don't forget to spruce up your bathrooms.   Hire professional cleaners if you must.  
These suggestions are not costly and will lead to a quicker sale and for more money!

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