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Renovations Affecting Bedrooms

Q - We are empty nesters and have a large 5 bedroom home and would like to make some renovations.  There are 3 bedrooms on the upper level and we are thinking of making that entire level the master suite.  There are 2 more bedrooms on the lower level which would then make it a 3 bedroom house. Is this a good plan for future resale?

A - No!

For resale purposes, you have to appeal to the largest possible market.  The market for having an entire floor as a master suite is much smaller than having 3 bedrooms on one floor.  Picture a young family with 2 young children viewing your home as per the renovations.  Yes, the parents would have an incredible master suite BUT would they want their young children to have their bedrooms on another level?  In most instances, the answer would be NO.  Therefore, your home would not be suitable.

Even a 4-bedroom home which has 2 bedrooms up and 2 bedrooms down is more difficult to sell than a home with 3 bedrooms on one floor.  People who are looking for  3, 4 or 5 bedrooms homes generally have children to accommodate and you should keep this in mind when renovating for possible resale in the future.

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