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New Safety App for Agents & Others-Guardly

Safety has been a long-time issue for real estate agents.  They meet new clients in various locations on a one-to-one basis in less than public places.  They host open houses and continually meet strangers in the confines of client homes.  They prepare offers late at night in their offices.  Such situations expose real estate agents to dangers.  We have all heard of agents being attacked and even killed.

Technology has finally provided a safety net.  A very high percentage of agents now use smartphones.  As a result, a new App has been developed.  With the TAP OF ONE BUTTON,  agents can immediately connect to their personalized safety networks -- colleagues, family and 911 authorities. They can now have some peace of mind when meeting clients for the first time, working late at night, viewing vacant properties, or showing homes located in unfamiliar or remote places. 

This App is a tremendous development for the many who work in environments that present certain elements of danger.  Not only can you input your personal safety network but it also is capable of real-time location tracking.  This enables the person at risk not only to get help but be found.  The App also has the facility to send photos of your situation directly to your safety network.  There is also the option to initiate a repetitive loud whistle sound which might act as a deterrent.

Some real estate boards have already subscribed to this service and, in some instances, have provided several months of free service to their agents.

This App is not only applicable to real estate agents but can be used by others who have concerns for their safety.  For example, it could certainly be useful for students on university campuses, people who work night shifts, and so on.

You can obtain more information from the site www.guardly.com.  I have no vested interest or gain anything from this recommendation.  As a former real estate agent and broker, safety has always been a concern so I am delighted to promote this App which can enable a safer environment.

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