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Great Marketing Tool for Agents

Q - I'm a real estate agent in Ontario, Canada and noticed that your book can be used as a marketing tool.  How can it be useful to me in this way?

A - I recall when I was an agent, I was always on the look out for a new marketing tool.  This was particularly true at the beginning of each year.  I wanted to start the new year prepared!  I would review my personal marketing goals and how I was going to advertise new properties.  However, most importantly, how could I attract and retain new clients.

I discovered that 'information' was a critical component in my marketing arsenal.  First time buyers and those who have been out of the market for 10 years or more, were completely unfamiliar with the real estate process of today.

I began to compile information sheets that addressed their many questions and even provided answers to questions that they hadn't yet asked.  It was not just what I, as a real estate agent, did during the process but most people knew little about the home inspector's role or what the lawyer actual did for the buyer or seller of real estate.  Home staging was a service that became available to sellers but most knew very little about this kind of service.  I frequently gave potential clients such information sheets.  They were very appreciative and I often turned potential clients into active clients.

I then wrote a book entitled 'The Real Estate Process: Pros Discuss Buying and Selling Your Home', so that consumers would have a road map as they entered the real estate market. I enlisted a lawyer to write the legal part of the process - both the buying and selling end; a home inspector to describe what takes place during a home inspection; and a home stager to enumerate all those things that can be done to make a home more saleable and possibly bring about a better price.  I explained the contacts that a buyer or seller would have with their real estate agent, discussed the paperwork involved as well as such topics as Open Houses and Office Tours.  I also covered the financing options available and the terminology associated with mortgages.  I edited and integrated all the sections for easier reading.

I now gave potential clients a copy of my book instead of information sheets.  The surprising part was the most read the entire book!  Providing information in a book format worked very well for me -- it could also work well for you.

Many new agents also purchased the book for themselves because of the information pertaining to the lawyer's and home inspector's role in the real estate process.

You can get my book through Amazon or you can order directly through me (vi@askvibrown.com).  I still have some inventory as I am currently not active as an agent and, therefore, can give you a good discount for larger orders.

Agents - Prepare yourselves well for 2013.  Set your goals and give your potential clients the great gift of 'information'.  Develop clients for life!

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