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Necessity for Home Inspection

Q -Is a home inspection really necessary?

A - Let me put it this way.  You are probably making the largest purchase of your life.  You want to be as sure as possible that your home is sound and has no structural issues.

A home inspector is not a specialist in any one field but he does have a general knowledge whereby he can point out potential problems with the home and make recommendations should the issue require further attention.

A home inspector can only do a visual inspection.  He cannot make holes in the walls, rip up carpeting, empty closets, move furniture or anything that would infringe on the home owner's property.  He can inspect the condition of the roof and do a visual of the plumbing and electrical systems  as well as numerous other areas.

A home inspection is not a guarantee that the home will be without problems but it is is cheap insurance  to at least eliminate obvious issues.

It has become more common in the Canadian real estate market for mortgage lenders and insurance companies to require a home inspection before purchase.

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