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Price Reduction or Home Staging?

Q - I'm going to sell. Should I get a home stager to set up my house?

A - You want to take advantage of every opportunity to make your house look its best.  If you don't have a good eye for home decorating, a home stager is an option.  If you aren't aware of clutter in your home and you don't notice that your home may need touch ups or home repairs then you definitely need a home stager.

Generally, home stagers provide various levels of home staging.  You can have a home stager come and evaluate your home for a consultation fee.  You can have one or more rooms staged or you can have the entire home staged.  A home stager will also make sure that the outside of your home creates a good first impression.

The cost varies depending on what you want to get done and also on the home stager.  Normally, a home stager can make your home sell more quickly and at a better price.

A very proficient home stager once told me that her fee is less than the first price reduction that her agent may ask for.

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