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First Time Buyer Information

Q - I'll be buying my first home this spring.  I know very little about real estate and I live in Canada.  How can I get informed before I start my search?

- The real estate market has become more complex over the years,  There are several issues that a buyer should become aware of and among them are:

- Mandatory paperwork - what is that all about?
- Realty fees - who pays and how does that work?
- Real estate agent - how will an agent be of help?
- Financing - how does that work?
- Selecting homes for viewing - how does the selection process work?
- Viewings - how are appointments and viewings set up?
- Selecting home - what are the important issues in selecting home?
- Writing offer - what should be included in an offer?
- Home inspection - is a home inspection really necessary?
- Getting a lawyer - what does the lawyer do?

These are some of the major areas that a new buyer should become familiar with.  More seasoned buyers should also update themselves because the real estate process doesn't remain static.

Having worked in real estate as an agent as well as a broker, I have helped many buyers, both new and seasoned, through the real estate process.

More recently I compiled all this information in a book entitled 'The Real Estate Process: Pros Discuss Buying & Selling Your Home'.  I enlisted a lawyer, home inspector and home stager to contribute their respective expertise to this process.  This book will provide you with much useful information as a buyer.  Should you ever become a seller, you will also find information that will help you in that role such as -- Are open houses effective?

Real estate tends to become more active as spring approaches. More properties enter the market place and the buyer normally has a wider selection of homes.  So get informed!  You can purchase this book at Amazon through this link and be ready for real estate shopping!

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