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Tips for Selecting a House?

Q - I'm house shopping and found 2 houses I like.  Do you have any tips on how to make a choice? Or, can I put an offer on each and see which one I can get for the best price?

A - If you want to own two houses, you can make an offer on each!  

If you want one house, then you have to select only one.

You can proceed in one of two ways:

First - Do a review of both houses to see which one meets your needs the best.  Here is a method that may help you to select the right one.  Get a pieces of paper and make two headings Plus and Minus.   Under the Plus heading, list all the good things about the house.  Under Minus heading, list the shortcomings.  Get another piece of paper and do the same for the second house.

Now, review the results as you have categorized these houses. You will be surprised at the clarity this brings to the situation. In the majority of instances, one house will rise above the other.

Once you have made your choice, make an offer.

Second - If you choose not to go through the Plus and Minus exercise, select the one which you feel meets your needs best and then make one offer.  If you and the seller cannot come to a mutual agreement on price or some other important issue,  have your agent terminate that contract and then you can move on and make an offer on the other house.

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