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Selling Your Rural Property

Q - I have a rural home on 5 acres and want to place it on the market? Are there agents who specialize in such properties?

A - Since you are living in a rural area, it is likely that the real estate company that sells in your area would have agents familiar with the in's and out's of such properties.

Call a real estate company or two and ask the manager to recommend an agent who deals in rural properties.  Prepare a list of the special characteristic of your property and interview the real estate agents on these topics.

For example, if you have a septic system, the agent should be familiar with such a system and be able to relate this information to a potential buyer.  This also holds true for wells and what is required to determine the potability and volume of water.  Some rural areas may have more frequent power outages and thereby generators may be used and the agent should also be familiar with this.  What television and internet services are available in the area?

Once you are satisfied with an agent's knowledge, also determine how the agent intends to market your property.  It is fine to have photos of the home and its interior and lovely descriptions.  However, one of the failings of agents selling rural properties is the lack of photos of the surrounding land and descriptions of the land.  Is the land flat or slopped, treed or cleared, dry or wet, open or fenced?  Are animals permitted?  Can a second home be built?

Be sure that the agent walks the property so that he/she is in a position to show the property and describe its characteristics to potential buyers.  The agent should wear suitable attire to be able to walk the property.  If the agent is not prepared to do so, then he/she is not the right agent to sell your rural property.

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