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Best Place to Search for Properties

Q - There are so many websites displaying properties for sale.  Is there a single website that would have all  properties for sale in my area?

A -All real estate properties listed by real estate agents who belong to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) can be found on Realtor.ca  -- formerly identified as mls.ca.

The majority of real estate companies and real estate agents belong to CREA. In fact the terms REALTOR, MLS, Multiple Listing Service and others are trademarks owned by CREA.  It is this membership that supports the Multiple Listing Service and permits its members to list properties for sale onto the site.  The end result is that these properties listed for sale can be found on this website -- Realtor.ca

Individual company websites, on the other hand, display only the properties listed by the company.  The intent of their websites is to promote their company's listed properties.

If you are a buyer,  you get the largest selection of properties available for sale by searching Realtor.ca.  This provides you with listings by all real estate companies who are members of CREA.  It incorporates all major franchise companies and many local firms as well.

The US is similar to Canada in this respect.  To view the largest selection of US listed properties go to Realtor.com

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