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Real Estate Process Explained

Q - Is there a book available that would describe the real estate process in simple and logical terms?

A - Glad you asked!  I just happen to have written such a book.  It is entitled 'The Real Estate Process: Pros Discuss Buying and Selling Your Home'.

This book came about because I dealt with so many people who were unsure and confused about the process itself.  This was true for buyers as well as sellers.  After years of explaining the process, I finally wrote this book.  To ensure that the major bases were adequately covered, I enlisted the help of a lawyer, home inspector and a home stager to write about their areas of expertise.  I, personally, wrote about the real estate agent's role in the process.

If you are planning to sell or buy real estate, be sure that you know what is involved.  Be familiar with  all the paperwork that you will have to sign.  Understand the meaning and implications of some of the vocabulary used in real estate.  Find out about Open Houses - are they productive?  Is your property safe during an Open House?  Learn about the implications of certain clauses.  What does your lawyer do for you?  How does the home inspector operate?  Does the home inspector offer guarantees about the condition of the home?  Can a home stager impact the sale price of your home?

It is wise to learn all you can about the real estate process.  There is a lot of money at stake so protect yourself with as much information as you can.  My book covers the real estate process in Canada but many principles are also applicable in the US.

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