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Selling During the Holiday Season

Q - Should I list my home for sale when it's close to the holiday season or wait till after the holidays?

A - If you want to sell -- make certain your property is on the market regardless of time of year.  There are buyers all year round.

Traditionally, sellers like to place their property on the market in the Spring.  The weather is better, the lawns look nicer and flowers are blooming.  These are all reasons that help the property look attractive.  However, during this time, sellers have the greatest amount of competition and buyers have the greatest choices.  It is often a buyer's market.

Generally speaking, there are fewer homes for sale during the Christmas and New Year holidays because sellers perceive that few people are house shopping and so they decide to focus on the holiday season.

BUT circumstances don't always allow people the luxury of scheduling the purchase of a home and could find themselves house shopping when everyone else is gift shopping.  These buyers are usually serious buyers.  They often complain that there is not enough choice! This time of the year is often a seller's market and a serious seller should take advantage of this opportunity.

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