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How Can Buyers Best Visualize Themselves in Your Home?

Q - What can I do to prepare my house so that buyers feel like they want to purchase my home?

A - When buyers are house shopping and viewing homes, they are attempting to determine if the home meets their needs.  One of the ways they do this is to visualize themselves in your home.

Therefore, it is best for you, as the seller, to remove yourself from the home.  Let the real estate agent show your home.  Potential buyers are much more relaxed when the home owner is absent from the scene.  They can do their visualizations and ask questions without worrying about offending anyone.

To that end, you should also remove as many personal items as possible such as family photos, vacation photos, achievement certificates,  plaques and the like.  These are reminders of you as the seller and interfere with their visualization process as potential owners.

It goes without saying, that only the essential living items should be there.  All items that contribute to clutter and suggest cramped space should be removed.  Consider this advance packing and place them in a rented storage unit.

Be sure that all basic maintenance has been done.  If this requires paint touch ups,  minor repairs and tidying your landscape, be sure you take the time to do this.

You want the potential buyer to be at ease in your home and feel like they could live there.   It is this kind of state of mind that can generate an offer on your home.

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