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Which Real Estate Company Shall I Choose?

Q - I want to sell my home.  Should I list my home with a large real estate franchise or a smaller local real estate firm?

A - This is a frequent question.  Large franchises do a great deal of advertising promoting themselves.  The consumer often sees this in a positive light and presumes that such a firm will provide a substantial marketing program for their clients. That may or may not be so.  

Real estate agents are independent contractors and are considered self-employed.  It is the real estate agent, not the real estate firm, who plans and pays for all the advertising and marketing of your property.  So discuss the marketing of your property with agents of your choice regardless of the size of the firm.

Franchises often indicate that, because of their size and their many locations, they are more likely to have referrals for new buyers from their offices across the country.  This can also be said of smaller companies because they network with other companies across the country.

Speak to 2 or 3 real estate agents from different companies and find out first hand what kind of marketing they will do for you.  Don't accept a general answer.  Ask for specifics.   Make a list of questions you want to ask beforehand to be sure you cover all your concerns.  This will help you make the right decision.

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