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Real Estate Process-Get Informed Quickly

Q - I'm selling this spring and want to know the in's and out's of the real estate process.  How can I get quickly informed?  I live in Canada.

A - Many people who plan on selling often begin the process in the spring.  Now is a good time to get informed.  If you haven't been in the market place for a few years, you will find that real estate has changed considerably - in terms of the process itself and in the amount of paperwork.  There is lots of information available through various real estate sites, real estate boards as well as from the numerous agent sites.  To do all this research takes time not to mention patience.

Because the information is so scattered, I decided to put together a book that answers many of the common issues for a buyer or seller. It is entitled: 'The Real Estate Process: Pros Discuss Buying and Selling Your Home'.

The Book contains information from 4 professionals that you may encounter during the real estate process  - real estate agent - lawyer - home inspector - home stager.  Each professional wrote the section pertaining to his/her expertise.

First - What does the real estate agent do for you and how does this work?  It is a step by step explanation.  It covers areas such as -- What happens when you call a real estate agent?  How are appointments set up?  How are showings handled?  Are Open Houses useful?  Are they safe?  What should be taken into account when doing Open Houses?  What is included in an offer?  What clauses are important?  How does the real estate agent get paid?  It also discusses some financing options and provides explanation of mortgage terms.

Second - The legal process is more of a mystery than it should be.  A lawyer walks you through what is involved both when you are selling real estate or buying.  It is a thorough explanation and provides a greater understanding of your legal implications as well as how your property gets registered.  Among the topics are: charges on title both removable and not removable, purchase tax or land transfer tax, survey certificate, title insurance, mortgage disclosure statement, statutory declarations, statement of adjustments and much more.

Third - Is it necessary to get a home inspection?  What does a home inspector really do?  Equally important is to understand what the home inspector does not do.  Is a home inspection a guarantee of some kind?  Can anyone do a home inspection?  How does the home inspector interact with the real estate agent, the buyer and the owner.  What are some of the myths and misconceptions about home inspections.

Fourth - If you are selling, you may wish to consider getting assistance from a home stager.  When potential buyers come to view your home, it is vital to make a good first impression.  You have only one opportunity to make a good impression!  You want your home to be memorable both from the outside and the inside.  A home stager has the skills to make your home look its best.

Information is a highly valuable tool. The book contains 153 pages of beneficial insights and should be read by anyone even thinking of entering the real estate market.

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