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Working Successfully with Your Real Estate Agent

Q - I will be listing my home for sale shortly.  What should my agent do for me?

A - Let me put it this way.  What do you want your agent to do for you?  The most important thing is for you to communicate with your real estate agent.  If you don't communicate and set out those things which you would like to happen during your listing period, then you may well be disappointed with your agent.  That doesn't mean that your agent was incompetent or uncaring, it simply means that you were not on the same page or even in the same book.

Part of your discussion, when selecting an agent, is to establish some basics.

* Some agents have assistants or partners who perform certain duties. If your preference is to deal directly with the agent, let that be known at the outset or you may be disappointed when someone else contacts you.                        
*   How will the agent set up appointments for showings?  How much notice will you get?

*  Will a lock box be used?  How will the lock box be programmed - times allowed - tracking showings?
*  Will the agent provide you with feedback on each showing within a day of the showing?

*  Where will the agent advertise? Local paper? Websites?

*  Will print ads reference the websites for more information?

*  How often will print ads appear and will the text and photos vary.  (To get the attention of potential buyers, photos and text must be changed or the reader simply skips over them because they seem familiar.)

* Will there be an office tour so that other agents in the area will become familiar with your property?  (Some office tours are more effective than others - this is discussed in my book.)

*  Will there be an open house?  (Valuable information on effectiveness and safety of open houses can be found in my book.)

*  Will you be provided with a sample of the documents used for the purchase of the property so that you can become familiar with them prior to receiving an offer?

These are examples of areas that you may wish to clarify.  Be sure that you communicate with your agent on all topics that are of concern.  This will eliminate second guessing and misunderstandings.  As a rule, agents are pleased to oblige you in any way they can.  Communication makes for a good agent/client relationship.

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