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Condos and Pets

Q - I'm shopping for a condo and need to know if pets are permitted.  How can I get this kind of information?

A - Usually this kind of information is available on an MLS print out of the property.  If not, your real estate agent can easily find out and let you know.

Be sure to find out all the details concerning pets.  Some condos restrict certain dog breeds like pit bulls or dobermans as well as other breeds.   Some restrict by size, for example, not over 25 pounds.  So getting a puppy that weighs in under 25 pounds but grows into a huge St Bernard may not be acceptable!  Of course,  there is often a restriction on the number of pets.  A condo may also restrict dogs but permit cats.

When purchasing a condo, your real estate agent should provide you with all information.  This includes - by-laws, minutes of Annual General Meetings and all other meetings for at least a 2-year period, financial statements for 2 years and an engineer's report, if it is available.

You are entitled to review all this material when you put in an offer.  The offer should be conditional on you approving such material.

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