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Renovating Investment

Q - I'm planning on selling my home but want to update/renovate prior to listing. What kind of updates/renovations would be most helpful and profitable when selling?

A - Here are some suggestions depending on what your home might need.  There are two rooms that buyers evaluate the most - kitchen and bathroom.  They will also give you the greatest return on your renovating investment.

If your home is older, new windows would not only improve the appearance of the home but also prevent heat loss during the colder months.  The roof may be another area that can be updated.  A new roof provides the buyer with a sense of financial security knowing that such an expense is far into the future.

Don't overlook initial impressions.  Does your home need painting?  landscaping?

Keep all your bills for your records and have the information available to potential buyers.

Such renovations will make your home more saleable and will help to obtain a better price.

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