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Practical Christmas Gift

Q - I have a good friend who is planning to purchase a home with her new husband and neither of them know much about real estate.  I'm concerned for them and would like to give them some good direction.  Any suggestions?

A - What a nice friend you are!  It can be somewhat overwhelming to enter the real estate market with no background in the actual process.  I encountered this so many times as a real estate agent and Broker.  The problem is that not all information can be found in one place.  For someone, without any real estate experience, it is hard to know where to look.

There are many good real estate agents who can lead your friend through the process and then there are some agents who don't spend much time doing this.  You have to be somewhat familiar with the real estate process to even be able to ask the right questions.

As I mentioned, this was something I encountered frequently and decided to write a book on the subject.  My book 'The Real Estate Process: Pros Discuss Buying and Selling Your Home', covers all the necessary information about how some of the key real estate players are involved in the real estate process - this includes the real estate agent, the lawyer, the home inspector and the home stager.

This would be a very practical Christmas gift for your friend.  In fact, sooner or later many of us get involved in a real estate transaction so there may be other friends who would appreciate such information.  That could even solve some gift giving dilemmas you might have had!

I've provided a link to my book should you decide to explore the idea.

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