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Q -  Recently in the news there was a report about property being stolen at an Open House.  Is this a common occurrence and can anything ...

About This Blog

The real estate process has undergone many changes in the Canadian market over the years.  It continues to increase in paper work and complexity.  

I wrote the book entitled 'The Real Estate Process:Pros Discusss Buying and Selling your Home' so that consumers would have a road map as they entered the real estate market.  I enlisted a lawyer to write the legal part of this process - both the buying and selling end; a home inspector to describe what takes place during a home inspection; and, a home stager to enumerate all those things that can be done to make the home more saleable and possibly bring about a better price.  I explained the contacts that a buyer or seller would have with their real estate agent, discussed the paperwork involved as well as topics such as Open Houses and Office Tours.  I also covered the financing options available and the terminology associated with mortgages.  I edited and integrated all the sections for easier reading.

The book doesn't cover every eventuality but it contains ample information to empower the buyer and seller by enabling them to understand the sequence of events and to ask further question of the professionals involved in the process.

My real estate blog is a continuation of this process.  It deals with questions and answers that are more general in nature rather than specific to a particular property.  Because every real estate transaction is different, this blog enables me to answer a greater variety of questions on an ongoing basis.

I hope you find this blog helpful.  I will also respond to any real estate questions that you might have. You can email me -  vi@vibrown.com.

I have been in real estate for about 20 years.  I have worked in real estate sales in the residential and commercial markets.  I also co-owned and was the Broker of a large real estate franchise.  At this time, I am a consultant in the real estate industry and not a licensed real estate agent.

Since the US and Canada differ somewhat in the real estate process, I can only respond with confidence to real estate issues in Canada.